General aviation

General aviation as a modern transportation system contributes importantly to the economy of its host communities and the airport itself.

Pula Airport has always been aware of the importance of general aviation. Of course it has always been our "special interest" and we have always been conscious that we must meet the highest operating standards both in terms of aircraft service and pilot and passenger care. During the last few years we have recorded an increase of general aviation traffic (golfers, holiday makers, celebrities, businessmen, VIPs and CIFs).

The renowned Austrian FliteLevel.TV - The Pilot Channel has made a beautiful film about Pula and the Airport itself called : "The Finest Flite Destinations - PULA The Heart Of Istria" and stated :

"Pula, the leading Airport of Istria,enchants the International General Aviation Community: a new GA Center will open 2014, special services and flat packages save budgets and the safety arguments remain - 9600 feet runway, almost no crosswind, ILS R27 and night operation. Pula is the gate to the upgrowing region of South Istria, famous for hospitality, historic places, crystal clear beaches and brand new infrastructure."

Info & contacts for pilots

Handling Coordination - Load control

Telephone +385 52 530 131
+385 52 530 103
Fax +385 52 550 929

Handling Coordination - Duty Officer
Telephone +385 52 530 148
Fax +385 52 550 925

Fuel Supplier
Name INA Avio Servis
Telephone +385 1 64 51 791
Fax +385 1 64 52 831
Grades 100LL, Jet A-1
Working hours H24
Payment Gotovina, Amex, Air BP, UVair, AVCard, Air Routing, Mastercard

Aerodrome Reporting Office - ARO at Croatia Control Ltd.

Telephone +385 52 530 271
Fax +385 52 550 922
Working hours H24

Meteorological Watch Office (MTO)
Telephone +385 52 530 270
Fax +385 52 550 922
Working hours H24

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